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Artist and passionate advocate for Neon as an artform, Wheater’s practice combines performance and installation to discuss our relationship with the natural environment, social history and our emotional response to a place.

Glass continues to be a relevant material to my observations of the natural environment and our place in it. Its’s myth-like aesthetic from process to result, keeps this long term relationship with a mysterious beauty fresh.
- Richard William Wheater

Above: Richard William Wheater © David Lindsay

Richard established Neon Workshop in his hometown of Wakefield with the aim to expose, explore and teach Neon as a method of expression and cultural production, as well as hoping to challenge common expectations of the media.

His keen interest in the process and skill development has always been superseded by a thirst for conveying a strong narrative.

Above: Richard Wheater with I’m Electric You’re Electric No.3, 2017

I’m Electric You’re Electric No.3, 2017 by Richard William Wheater

Glass, Helium and mixed media

Find out more here about the work of Richard William Wheater.

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