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Thought to be extinct, this Mexican frog was re-discovered in 2010.

Pueblan pool frogs fact file

Specimen name

Pueblan pool frogs, Lithobates pueblae


Puebla, Mexico

Re-discovered by

Georg Hantke, 2010

Museum reference


Did you know?

Once thought to be extinct, the Pueblan pool frog is still vulnerable to extinction.

Pueblan pool frogs

The specimen

Until recently, the Pueblan pool frog, Lithobates pueblae, was thought to be extinct, because it had not been seen since its discovery in 1955. In 2010 it was re-discovered by Georg Hantke as part of a collaboration between the Botanic Garden in Puebla and National Museums Scotland.

Finding the Pueblan pool frog

The frog is endemic to Mexico and is only found in the northern state of Puebla, near the city of Huauchinango and next to Rio Necaxa. It is hoped that a captive breeding programme can be established for this frog, because its global distribution is estimated as only 0.024 square kilometres, making it very vulnerable to extinction.

Main image: Omar Bárcena on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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