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Fine artist Keira Rathbone has developed a unique drawing technique using a manual typewriter and its letters, numbers and symbols to create images.

Keira draws images from life using her typewriter, instinctively translating what she sees around her into beautiful, enigmatic images. Keira's work encourages the viewer to look from different distances and angles, seeing new details each time.

Keira Rathbone interview

In this film, Keira discusses how she became a typewriter artist, what inspires her and how she creates typewriter art.

Chiswick High Road Panoramic Typtic, 2016 © Keira Rathbone

Keira working on the street

Keira Rathbone creating typewriter art in the street.

One of Keira's typewriter works being created.

Keira sitting in the sun using her typewriter to create art.

Keira working in the street.

A piece of typewriter art of a couple on the street.

A couple who modelled for one of Keira's illustrations.

Keira's work is on display as part of the Typewriter Revolution exhibition until 11 September 2022 at the National Museum of Scotland. 

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