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Every year on 8 May, people take time to reflect and remember the sacrifices people made during the war, but also to mark this day of celebration.

What is VE Day?

On Monday 7 May 1945, Germany formally surrendered to Allied forces, ending the Second World War in Europe. Celebrations broke out across the world, and in Britain, Winston Churchill declared the next day a public holiday. VE Day was first celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark Victory in Europe and it is still remembered today. 

You can see some silent film footage of celebrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow in this film.

On that day in 1945 communities came together, with huge crowds gathering in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and people held street parties in towns and villages across the country. They celebrated with singing and dancing, shared food and decorated the streets with flags and colourful bunting.  


Friday 8 May 2020 marks 75 years since the first VE Day. Here are a couple of simple ideas for your own VE Day anniversary.



Make some bunting

Why not make your own bunting by attaching triangles of recycled paper or cloth to a piece of string? You could decorate it with patterns or pictures and display it in your front window.

Bunting instructions

Header: Celebrations at the end of the Second World War in Princes Street, Edinburgh, 1945 from the Scottish Life Archive.

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