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From the age of dinosaurs to the technology of the future, our galleries contain treasures from around the world.

Our world-class collections will take you on a journey through the history of Scotland, the wonders of nature and diverse cultures from around the globe.
Discover scientific breakthroughs and marvel at exquisite art, design and fashion from across the centuries. From the tiniest creatures to towering spacecraft and ancient times to the present day, there are thousands of stories to discover.
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Grand Gallery, Discoveries and Window on the World

With its soaring pillars and high windows, the light-filled atrium of the Grand Gallery is one of Scotland’s most beautiful spaces, and provides a spectacular start to your museum visit.

Explore these galleries
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Art, Design and Fashion galleries

These sumptuous galleries showcase the best of decorative art, design, fashion and style. Discover a treasure trove of creativity, explore the influence of design on everyday life and see how contemporary makers continue to innovate.

Explore our Art, Design and Fashion galleries
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Natural World galleries

Our much-loved Tyrannosaurus rex guards the entrance to a stunning series of galleries about our precious planet. Here we ask the big questions: how does the world work? What do we know about it? What is our place in the universe?

Explore our Natural World galleries
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Science and Technology galleries

Communications, transport, industry, engineering, energy and medicine: how have scientific and technological inventions changed our lives? Explore the history of innovation in Scotland and across the world through interactive games and thought-provoking displays.

Explore our Science galleries
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Scottish History and Archaeology galleries

Our Scotland galleries guide you from the Palaeolithic era to the present day, from the earliest cultures to space age science, prehistory to pop culture. Come face-to-face with iconic historic artefacts, learn how Scottish innovation has helped shape the modern world, and see how the lives of everyday Scots have changed through the centuries.

Explore our Scotland galleries
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World Cultures galleries

In the World Cultures galleries you can encounter diverse peoples, cultures and objects, discovering how we differ and what we all share. The objects on display are drawn from some of museum’s oldest collections and demonstrate Scotland's international links.

Explore our World Cultures galleries
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Family Galleries

Filled with interactives and spaces for reflection, stories and experimentation, our family friendly galleries have something for everyone.

Explore these galleries

Ancient Egypt and East Asia galleries

Discover the remarkable culture and achievements of the ancient Egyptians and explore one of the most significant East Asia collections in the UK.

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