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Our new Gaelic Language Plan is now available for your information and reference.

The 5-year plan has been approved by the national Gaelic agency, Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Government and will support our commitment to the aspirations and objectives included in the National Gaelic Language Plan and the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005.

Gaelic Language Plan 2017-2022

Plana Gàidhlig

Tha am Plana Gàidhlig ùr againn ri fhaotainn a-nis.

Tha am plana 5-bliadhna air aonta fhaighinn bho Bhòrd na Gàidhlig agus Riaghaltas na h-Alba agus cumaidh e taic ri ar cuid dealais an lùib amasan Plana Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig agus Achd na Gàidhlig (Alba) 2005.

Plana Gàidhlig 2017-2022

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