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Join curator Anna Groundwater for a guided virtual tour of life in Renaissance Scotland at the National Museum of Scotland.

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Renaissance Scotland on Google StreetView

Delve into into an interactive tour of the Renaissance Scotland gallery.

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Featured objects

One of seven carved oak panels commissioned by Cardinal David Beaton, consisting of seven large carved panels and one large panel of bosses set in a vine scroll framework during the 1530s. (H.KL 222)

Galloway mazer of silver gilt with a maplewood bowl, by James Gray, Canongate, 1569, made for Archibald Stewart, later Provost of Edinburgh, and his wife, inherited by the Earls of Galloway. (H.MEQ 148)

Oval gold locket late 16th century, preserved by the Clerks of Penicuik as a relic of Mary, Queen of Scots. (H.NA.422)

Two handed steel sword, 16th century. (H.LA 6)

The Maiden, a guillotine of oak and metal, used for beheading criminals in Edinburgh, 1564 - 1710 AD. (H.MR. 1)

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Explore the National Museum of Scotland at your own pace with Google StreetView, including the iconic Grand Gallery and Kingdom of the Scots.

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In addition to making our galleries accessible for everyone to explore online, over 1,000 objects from the national collection have been added to our pages on Google Arts & Culture

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