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Be inspired by the work of young people across Scotland and undertake your own Circular Economy journey.

With COP26 being held in Glasgow in November 2021, young people across Scotland have been designing, creating and inspiring others about how we can design out waste and create a circular system that works for people, wildlife and the planet. Young people were inspired by our collections to create an online display. 

"This is the era of R: reuse, repair, refill, reprogram, remanufacture. Reuse includes exchange, swops and trade-ins. In the era of R, any owner-user is in charge of their belongings: keep it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. This is my key message for children as they have the same power as adults!"
- Dr Walter R. Stahel, Founder-Director, The Product-Life Institute, Geneva

About the project

Ostrero's Making Circles project is about how the Circular Economy and Circular Design can help us design out waste. Our current linear economic system encourages us to buy, use and waste more than the planet can sustain. We use more than we have, global resources are running low and becoming harder to extract and the climate emergency is intensifying with drastic effects on people, wildlife and the planet.  

Learners were inspired by Making Circles Online, including designs by silversmith Bryony Knox and ceramicist Mella Shaw.

3.11 Dragonfly And Purse


How can we change our way of living to design out waste? Explore designs by young people then tour our galleries for some inspiration.

3.8 Clothes Upcycling


How can we transform waste into something useful?



How could we do things better for the environment?


Making Circles is run by Ostrero and supported by National Museums Scotland to grow the Circular Economy in Scotland. With thanks to Wester Hailes Education Centre, Juniper Green Primary School, Moffat Academy, Duddingston Primary School and Larbert High School. Many thanks to the funders of Making Circles Online: Creative Scotland, Artemis Charitable Foundation, Edinburgh Trades Fund, Craft Scotland.  


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