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How can we transform waste into something useful? Be inspired by the designs of young people and make your own owl badge.

Creating zero waste objects

Using Making Circles Online and our collections, young people have been creating imaginative zero waste objects. The objects are designed for disassembly, ensuring the products can be taken apart to be fixed, updated or to reuse the raw materials.

Animal badges

Hector, Primary 3, made his badges with disassembly in mind. He used recycled materials and they can easily be recycled again in the future.


This dress made from upcycled clothes by secondary school students demonstrates what can be made with a little creativity.



This cabinet was rescued and upcycled using paint and stencils by high school students.

Cybraphon, a musical wardrobe, was upcycled from antique furniture and musical instruments found in junkshops. 


Transforming materials

This sculpture was made by secondary school pupils. It transforms waste into value by manipulating old materials and turning them into something different and changing their original meaning. 



This dragonfly badge was made by secondary school pupils. It is designed for disassembly and transforms waste into value by using recycled materials. 

Lulu 2000Px

Lulu The Whale

Lulu the orca whale was found on a beach in Tiree and is thought to be one of the most polluted animals on the planet: a clear sign that we need to cut down on our waste.

Lulu the whale
  • 3.1 Whale 1

    Drinks cans are given another life as the materials to make whale badges

  • 3.2 Whale 2

    Component parts showing whale shapes and recycled materials used.

  • 3.4 Whale 4

    Detail of 3 whale badges

  • 3.5 Whale 5 Johnnie P4

    Joni from P3 displays his creation.

  • 3.7 Hector P3 Whale And Ladybird Badges Landscape

    Hector from P3 displaying his designs

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