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How can we change our way of living to design out waste? Explore designs by young people then tour our galleries for some inspiration.

Designs by young people

Using Circular Design principles such as transforming waste to value, being inspired by nature and being powered by renewable energy, young people across Scotland have worked with Ostrero to come up with imaginative ways to design out waste. These designs were influenced by our collections.  


Forest Drone by Charlie, P3

The forest drone flies into swamps and other hard to reach places to plant trees and flowers. 

It locates and rescues animals in danger and includes a first aid kit to take care of them.

Charlie's Forest Drone is solar powered and uses recycled bedsheets in its first aid kits. Why not explore a fancy bed sheet from our collections? Which animals can you spot?

Bed Coverlet

Animal Bag for Healing by Finlay, P3

Phone case and animal bag for healing. The phone includes an app that locates injured animals so the user can find them. The bag includes a medical kit, an owl tent, milk for lambs and much more. 

Finlay's bag transforms waste to value by recycling old tent material into a strong, waterproof phone case. It uses recycled "Bag For Life" handles as straps and its solar panels are made from recycled materials. Explore a solar panel from our collection to see how it might look!

Solar Panel


The Litter Changer, by Eva and Ellie, P3

The Litter Changer eats plastic and turns it into something new. It picks up dog poo and uses it to grow flowers, which attract insects.

Eva and Ellie's changer is powered by renewable energy. Its eyes, mouth and nose are all solar panels. It transforms waste to value by being made from recycled materials such as old clothes, phone components and tin cans.

Explore one of our cute robots to get inspiration for your own design

Omnibot 2000


The Best Pencil Case in the World by Emma and Rhona, P3

This multi-functional pencil case incorporates a water bottle holder that cools the water through recycled air. The flowers on the side attract bees and butterflies. 

Emma and Rhona designed 'The Best Pencil Case in the World'. It uses renewable energy, through a windmill, to power it and transforms waste to value by incorporating old plastic toys, recycled bottles and cans into its design.

Explore one of our larger wind turbines below

Wind Turbine

Explore our Science and Technology galleries

You can explore the National Museum of Scotland via Google Streetview to get more inspiration for your own designs.

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