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How could we do things better for the environment? We asked young people what they thought.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, will be held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021. This has given Scotland’s young people an opportunity to consider what should be prioritised in addressing the climate emergency. 

“What do you think world leaders at COP26 could do to make things better for our environment?”
- A question posed to primary school children ahead of COP26 being held in Glasgow 2021

Answers fell into 3 distinct categories

  • Energy 

  • Design, Use and Disposal of Products 

  • Plants and Wildlife 

1. Energy

“I think the most important environmental issue is petrol cars. Make electric cars run on wind turbine energy to stop fossil fuels being used in cars. I want the leaders at COP26 to stop plastic packaging at the supermarket and to use, for example, cardboard pizza boxes and cardboard cartons of juice.” Aoife, P6 



“I want leaders at COP26 to ban fossil fuels and invest in more renewable energy like wind farms, solar panels and even using less energy.” Leon, P6 

2.Design, use and disposal

“I think the most important environmental issue is the disposal of phones and laptops, and protecting animals. I want world leaders at COP26 to make a new way to dispose of phones and laptops. I also want to make a machine that can get all the plastic out of the water to save the animals.” Amelia, P6 



“Stop the companies from making little plastic toys that we throw away. Stop using things that we don’t need.” Joni and Felix, P4 

3. Plants and Wildlife

“I want world leaders at COP26 to do more to protect endangered species and try to reduce the amount of plastic being dumped into the ocean.” David, P6 


“Stop wasting plastic. Help the world with climate change. Stop cutting down trees. Save the animals.” Ella C, Ella L, Elsie, P3 


“Please save tigers and the jungle. And make all cars electric. And make sure no plastic goes into the ocean. So when you’re at a takeaway place and you take off the wrapper you could make it into something else, like origami. And instead of charging your phone you can attach a solar panel to your shirt.” 

Brooklyn, P4 


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