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Learn more about the Romans and their time in Scotland by exploring our selection of Roman resources.

‘The Romans’ trail

Discover more about the Romans in Scotland by using our trail ‘The Romans’. Let our Roman character Felix, a Centurion, guide you around our Early People Gallery, Level -1, at the National Museum of Scotland. By completing this trail your class will engage with key artefacts and consider different aspects of Roman life in Scotland: farming, hunting, the Antonine Wall, money, life on the move and weaponry.

'The Romans' trail


'The Romans' trail, Group Leader notes

Bronze mask facing forward. Remarkably life-like, with puffy cheeks, slim nose, small mouth and wavy hair.

Romans in Scotland word search

Introduce your class to some Roman-related words by completing our Romans in Scotland Word Search! Discover more about the hidden words by reading the ‘Did You Know’ sections, including an introduction to some Latin words used by the Romans.

Romans in Scotland word search


Romans in Scotland word search answers

Scenic mosaic of the ruinous Colosseum, with several Early Modern people standing in the foreground under a blue sky.

Design your own Roman mosaic

In museums, Roman artefacts such as mosaics can often appear faded but when they were made they would have been bold and vibrant! Imagine how Roman objects would have once looked by designing a brightly coloured mosaic using our template.

Design your own Roman mosaic
Iron stylus, easily recognisable as a writing implement with blocky top and pointed end.

Create your own Romans in Scotland poem

Complete our Romans in Scotland acrostic poem using Roman-related words. An acrostic poem is when a word is spelt using the first letter of the first word in each line of the poem. To help, we have included some pre-suggested words for each letter in our template, including some Latin words used by the Romans.

Romans in Scotland poem

Maths Week Scotland 2021: Roman hackers

This resource created for Maths Week Scotland 2021 (27 September - 3 October) helps learners explore the role of maths in the hacksilver discovered from the Roman empire.

Watch the video to find out how Museum Curator Dr Fraser Hunter uses maths to uncover the stories behind these hacked up treasures. Learn more with our Roman Hackers resource, which guides pupils to create and hack up their own silver vessels. These resources are aimed at lower secondary pupils.

A huge pile of silver objects on a black background, from plates and vessels to tiny fragments and a large bowl in the centre.

Maths Week Scotland 2021: Roman hackers

Watch the video of Dr Fraser Hunter explaining the mathematics of Roman hacksilver, then use this resource with activities you can try at home or in school.

Download here

These resources are part of the Maths Week Scotland #ShowYourWorking campaign. You can see more examples of how maths is important at National Museums Scotland here.

Romans Digital School Session

The Roman Empire continues to fascinate and intrigue us today with the evidence they left behind. Our Romans Digital School Session allows your class to travel back in time to Roman Scotland with our team of Enablers. They will learn about life as a Roman by comparing modern objects to their ancient equivalents. Were the Romans really that different from us?

The Romans Digital Session is suitable for learners completing the following Curriculum links:

SOC 2-03a I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to discover how past events or the actions of individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society. 

SOC 2-04a  I can compare and contrast a society in the past with my own and contribute to a discussion of the similarities and differences. 

SOC 1-02a By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, I have developed an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history.  

Please note: The Romans Digital School Session is based on availability during school term-time, click here for more information about our Digital Schools Sessions.

Smiling woman holding a modern yellow hard hat on the left and a replica Roman legionary helmet on the right

Our activity sheets can be completed separately or in conjunction with our Romans Digital School Sessions as pre and post activities. 

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