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Trading Places: Exploring Scotland’s commercial diaspora, past and present

This workshop seeks to expand academic knowledge and improve museum interpretation of Scotland’s commercial diaspora, focusing on the material culture of short-term economic migration. The project is supported by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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The Fabric of Life: Early Polynesian barkcloth in context

This collaborative project combines research on one of the founding collections of the National Museums Scotland and fieldwork with contemporary makers in Polynesia to investigate the history, changing nature and present-day significance of barkcloths, many of which date back to the first European exploratory voyages in the Pacific region.

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Revealing the Layers: the Umbrian Madonna and Child

This interdisciplinary project explored the history of a 14th century sculpture attributed to an Umbrian artist known as “Maestro della Santa Caterina Gualino”.

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The Matter of Slavery in Scotland

This collaborative research project in partnership with the University of Edinburgh explores the history and legacy of Scotland’s connections with the transatlantic slave trade through objects in public collections.

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