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This interdisciplinary project explored the history of a 14th century sculpture attributed to an Umbrian artist known as “Maestro della Santa Caterina Gualino”.

The Madonna and Child is a key exhibit in the Art of Living gallery, which opened in July 2016 as part of a major transformation of our Art and Design galleries. In April 2015, the Henry Moore Foundation awarded £8,000 to National Museums Scotland to enable a technical analysis of the Madonna and Child. Following the success of this initial project, further funding was secured to continue with this analysis and create a digital reconstruction of the original piece.

The Umbrian Madonna: history and analysis

The first stage of this interdisciplinary project explored the history of the sculpture and included a scientific analysis of its components. The findings informed the conservation and display of this rare piece.

The Umbrian Madonna: Sculpture and 3D medieval painting

Following the success of the initial project, we succeeded in securing funding from the Henry Moore Foundation and the KT Wiedemann Foundation to go further in our analysis of the 14-century sculpture of the Madonna and Child.

Supported by

Henry Moore Foundation     Association of Art Historians

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