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Research Web Content Form

Submit your web page request using the form below.

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This form and guidance are intended to capture the details of your research project to produce a web page at

The process works as follows:

1. Fill out the form with as much information as you can. Don't worry if you can't complete all the fields, but provide as much as possible. Word counts are approximate. The copy you provide may be edited by the Content team.

2. On submission, the form goes to Andrea Cop who will review the information. Andrea may be in touch to clarify any details.

3. Once the information is agreed, it is passed on to the Digital Media team who will then design a draft page.

For examples of what this will look like, please see our current research project pages.


This form should be used when submitting content about a Research project to be published on the National Museums Scotland website.

Research projects are defined as:

Projects and activities, involving NMS collections and/or staff, students or research associates, which are either “an original investigation undertaken in order to gain knowledge and understanding” or “the creation, development and maintenance of the intellectual infrastructure of subjects and disciplines, in forms such as dictionaries, scholarly editions, catalogues and contributions to major research databases/Axiell” AND where these outputs are expected to be communicated (regardless of format of communication) beyond NMS to peer, academic or public such as new online content/ updated records, blog posts, publications, conference papers, press articles and exhibitions or by informing practice.

Note that some of the outputs of the research may also be unexpected/ not planned. They may be funded externally or internally.


For clarification the projects or activities could be:

Individual research (Internally or externally funded) activities in pursuit of furthering Museum strategies and objectives. The research performed by Museum colleagues will have predetermined the gap in the knowledge and the research questions or aims of the research.  

Research collaboration – a jointly defined programme of mutually beneficial research. The research performed by Museum colleagues will have predetermined the gap in the knowledge and the research questions or aims of the research. The intellectual property will be from all collaborators. It is likely that Museum colleagues will gain new, previously unpublished, understanding and insights into a collection or fundamental aspect of the Museum.

Research facilitation – Museum colleagues facilitate access to collections or other resources, usually at NMCC. Usually involves NMS staff providing access to collections and insights on knowledge of collections to date. The visiting researcher may have funding external to their own institution.

Key Project Info

A short, public-friendly version of the project title for the website.
If applicable
NMS department and individual
List people involved along with their titles and organisations
Years the project is/was active or had funding

Which NMS departments are involved in the project?

100 words max. Any further info about partnerships, funders, and sponsors.

Project details

This should be a non-technical overview, including reasons people other than academics should get excited about the project. This can include aims and objectives, but the idea is to make it engaging for website visitors rather than something aimed at just funders or other researchers.

To answer:

  • What is this project doing? (‘So what?’)
  • Who/what does it impact?
  • Why is it important?
  • What does this mean for NMS collections and/or our work more widely? For example, how we work with the public or other partners, or how we contribute to policy changes?
  • What are we learning/what do we hope to learn?
  • What connections have we made outside the museums?

500 words max

Related content

Please list titles and links of all other relevant web content. This includes past or current exhibitions, research repository links, products, other research projects, Explore stories, and blog posts, as well as any other content you feel is relevant.


This can include images, galleries, and video.
This can include images and videos as well as any partner or funder logos.
When does your page need to be live? Andrea Cop and the Digital Media team require a 1 month minimum turnaround time.

Submissions go to Andrea Cop, Academic Liaison Manager, for review.

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