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The Galloway Hoard: Dr Martin Goldberg in conversation with Michael Hirst

25 Mar 2021


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Curator Dr Martin Goldberg joins Vikings writer and producer Michael Hirst to delve into the mysteries of the incredible Galloway Hoard.


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New insights

Join Vikings  creator, writer and producer, Michael Hirst, and Dr Martin Goldberg, Principal Curator of Medieval Archaeology & History, as they discuss how the Galloway Hoard is transforming our understanding of Viking-age Scotland.

The panel discussion and audience Q&A was chaired by the journalist and author James Naughtie.

Dr Martin Goldberg and Michael Hirst looking at the Galloway Hoard treasures in 2017 © Neil Hanna

Buried at the beginning of the 10th century in Dumfries and Galloway, the Hoard lay undisturbed for a thousand years before being unearthed by a metal detectorist in September 2014. This incredible discovery brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland.

Chairing the discussion is special correspondent for BBC News, James Naughtie. He became a household name as presenter of the Today programme for 21 years. He also presents Radio 4’s Bookclub. James has a home in Edinburgh. 

Dispelling myths

Much of Michael’s writing – from the film Elizabeth to the acclaimed TV show Vikings – aims to dispel the myths surrounding their iconic subjects through collaboration with historians and academics. What light can Martin’s research into the Hoard shed on this fascinating period of Scottish history and how might a dramatist like Michael use such new insights to bring this period alive on screen?

Still from the TV show Vikings, showing the actors in Viking costume and carrying round shields marching in the surf on a beach.

Vikings , created and written by Michael Hirst. © AF Archive/Alamy Stock Photo.

Finds from the Galloway Hoard

A gold bird pin thought to be unique.

A new type of Anglo-Saxon quatrefoil brooch.

An Anglo-Saxon disc brooch.

A hinged mount with Anglo-Saxon Trewhiddle-style decoration.

Header image: Detail from an Anglo-Saxon disc brooch.

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