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Explore a range of activities suitable for pupils working at Early, First and Second Levels, including Mandarin, writing a story, maths and numeracy.

Museum Yoga

Suitable for: Early Years-Primary pupils

This 9-minute film guides you through seven poses, inspired by museum objects. Afterwards, you can explore more about the objects and make up your own poses based on what you might see at the museum. 

Resources needed: A clear space on the floor for pupils to bend and stretch

Watch the film

Brilliant bugs

Suitable for: P3-7

Explore your local biodiversity by using our bug safari or pitfall trap guides. Get creative using our instructions to make a bug hotel, or a 'litter' bug!

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Awesome Bricks

Suitable for: Early Years-P7

Ask your pupils to recreate their favourite museum objects and places using the LEGO® or DUPLO® they have at home. Design a 'hide and seek' trail, build a mini Concorde, or build any number of amazing objects. 

Resources needed: Building blocks

Awesome Bricks at home

Women in Maths

Maths Week Scotland have created a range of short films, each featuring a woman for whom maths is at the core of their work. Get your pupils involved by investigating how their parents and carers use maths and share their findings with Maths Week Scotland. Read more about Rachel and see the other videos here.

Learn colours in Mandarin

Suitable for: P5-7 pupils 

To support your 1+2 work, pupils can discover how to say colours in Mandariwith Dàhăi the dragon and create their own object card.

Resources needed: Pencil and paper 

Mandarin at the Museum resources

Write a story

Suitable for: For P3-5 pupils. Available in Gaelic. 

Museums are great places to uncover stories. Pupils can use our Build a Story activitycreated with Scottish Book Trust, to inspire their own writing, using our museum objects or objects in their own home. 

Resources needed: Pencil and paper

Build a Story

Second World War

Suitable for: P5-7 pupils

Explore a range of Scottish stories from the Second World War, including life on the Home Front.

Includes a range of hands-on activities for pupils including making VE day anniversary crafts, a code-breaking challenge to tackle with family members, and a Spitfire template.

Resources needed: Pencil and paper, printer required for Spitfire template.

Second World War Stories

Maths Week Scotland

Suitable for: First Level  

Challenge your pupils with audio quizzes presented by BBC Scotland’s Catriona Shearer.

Turn your pupils' daily walk into a treasure hunt adventure. Discover how to create a trail in your local area with examples from Anderston Primary School. 

Suitable for: Second Level 

Explore Edinburgh Castle through maths eyes with our Castle Quest, now adapted for use at home.

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