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Two children in a gallery, one leans back with a look of surprise, the other rests on the display in front.

Family Galleries

Filled with interactives and spaces for reflection, stories and experimentation, our family friendly galleries have something for everyone.

What do an oak tree, building a fantasy landscape and getting a robot to spell out your name have in common? You can explore all of these (and more) in our interactive galleries!

Perfect for families, these galleries use objects from our collections as a starting point for fun activities. Find out more about below.

Imagine  (Level 1)

A visit to the Imagine gallery is a must for all under 5s!

This colourful, friendly space uses objects from our collections as a starting point for fun activities for little ones – from playing with sound and dressing up, to a story corner where children and grown ups can get comfy and enjoy stories.

There’s even a dedicated space for cruising babies where they can play safely and parents, grandparents and carers can take a seat and relax.  Hands-on activities include building a fantasy landscape, experimenting with patterns and shapes and making music with your feet!

Two children sitting on bean bags in a quiet space. One child is reading a book.

Relax with some reading in the Imagine gallery.

Adventure Planet (Level 5)

Why is an oak tree so full of life? What kinds of animals live at the bottom of the sea? What does extinct mean?

 Discover the answers to these questions and find out lots more about our amazing natural world in Adventure Planet. The gallery is packed with fun interactives that let visitors explore the wonders of the natural world and think about how to protect our planet and to care for the wildlife around us.

Take a deep sea dive in our mini submersible, uncover the remains of an extinct dinosaur or find out if you can be a Clean-up Champion in our Beach Clean Challenge!

Model of a stegosaurus in the Adventure Planet gallery.

Discover the stegosaurus in Adventure Planet. 

Explore (Level 1)

Get inspired by our Explore gallery which brings science and innovation to life with hands-on games and interactive exhibits alongside amazing objects from our collections, including a Black Knight space rocket and one of the oldest steam locomotives in the world, Wylam Dilly.

Launch a hot air balloon high into the air, get a robot to spell out your name and try out some great science experiments, from designing a glowing pig to testing your reaction speed. And don’t forget to take a selfie with Dolly the Sheep!

Air balloons in the museum.

Launch a hot air balloon in our Explore gallery. 

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