Our community outreach work is tailored to meet the needs and interests of specific target groups, to offer wider access to our objects and resources and through Schools Outreach.

Our community engagement work currently focuses on three key areas:

  • Outreach through our loans boxes that you can borrow for use with your group or in the classroom.
  • Activities and support for those with additional needs, including Museum Socials for those living with dementia to help you enjoy your visit to the National Museum of Scotland
  • Special projects working with different audiences at our museums and elsewhere across Scotland.

You can find out about our past projects here.

Loan boxes

As part of our outreach programme, we have developed loan boxes which are available for schools and community groups to borrow.

Additional support

We want everyone who comes to our museums to enjoy their time with us and make the most of their visit. Here's what we do to assist visitors with additional support needs.

Special projects

This vital support from funding and grants enables communities across Scotland to enjoy access to our collections, try fun activities and experience new learning opportunities.

Past projects

National Museums Scotland completes a range of diverse and engaging community programmes each year. These examples highlight some of the key activities that have taken place in recent years.
Contact us

Christine McLean
Community Engagement Manager
Tel: 0131 247 4199

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