As part of the celebrations for the opening of ten new galleries at the National Museum of Scotland, the Young Demonstrators worked with artist Henry Cruickshank to create a comic strip starring our very own super sheep, Dolly.

Encouraged by the Young Demonstrators, museum visitors suggested storylines for the comic, which Henry cleverly pulled together to create The Adventures of Dolly the Sheep: Clone Alone. You can see the completed comic in the slideshow below, or download it here.

Visitors also drew their own comic strips featuring Dolly, a selection of which you can see below.


Dolly the sheep

As the first cloned mammal ever to be created from an adult cell, her birth was of huge excitement both to the scientific world and to the public.

Dolly and the Atom Smasher

Fly across Scotland with Dolly the sheep, hitch a ride to space on a rocket and collect museum objects along the way.

Animated short films

In 2014, our Science and Technology galleries played host to some innovative animated films that cast selected objects in a whole new light.
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