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A black English Electric Lightning jet fighter aircraft.

English Electric Lightning

The Lightning was the first supersonic jet fighter in the Royal Air Force.

The Lightning entered service in 1960. It could fly at twice the speed of sound (Mach 2) but it used so much fuel that its range was limited.

This Lightning spent almost 15 years in RAF service, with Numbers 19 and 92 Squadrons. The cobra with maple leaves design on the tail is the badge of 92 Squadron.

Lightning fact file

Date:    1962
Mark: F2.A
Crew: 1 (pilot)
Top speed:  1,500 mph (2,414 km/h)
Range: 800 miles (1,287 km)
Weapons: 2 x 30mm Aden cannon and 2 x Firestreak air-to-air missiles or 4 x 30mm Aden cannons

A green English Electric Lightning aircraft parked in a large hangar.

The English Electric Lightning aircraft in the Military Aviation hangar at the National Museum of Flight. 

The nose of a green English Electric Lightning aircraft with a missile on either side.

The nose of the English Electric Lightning aircraft loaded with two missiles.

Cockpit view

Inside the cockpit of an English Electric Lightning aircraft.

The cockpit of the English Electric Lightning. 

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