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A man from Oceania dramatically poses on a beach covered in a shallow layer of water and seaweed. Throwing his head back and striking a 'warrior pose', his long braided hair, traditional dyed cloth wrapping below his waist, and the boat paddle he holds make him seem powerful and heroic.

School Visits to Rising Tide: Art and Environment in Oceania

Visit our beyond the Rising Tide exhibition with your class. Bookings are now open.

Delve into the most important and pressing issue of our time, humanity’s damaging relationship with planet Earth.

This urgent issue is felt especially deeply in Australia and the Pacific Islands where sea levels are rising due to climate change and the oceans are filling with plastic.

Rising Tide considers our relationship to the natural environment through contemporary responses to climate change and plastic waste by Indigenous Australian and Pacific Islander artists. Master fisherman Anthony C Guerrero's contemporary woven baskets made from plastic construction strapping found on his local beach in Guam will be on display. The exhibition hosts the latest version of artist George Nuku’s installation, Bottled Ocean 2123, which imagines the state of the oceans 100 years into the future in an immersive, undersea landscape crafted from single use plastic bottles.

Exhibition information


National Museum of Scotland


Recommended P1 - S6

Advice to Teachers/Educators:

This exhibition may be busy. We recommend splitting your class into smaller groups to go round the exhibition. 


12 August 2023 - 14 April 2024





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On the day

Practical Information

Practical information for the exhibition visit

  • Visitors will be asked to follow the current museum guidelines detailed
  • Time slots for visiting the exhibition are 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated on your booking. Please adhere to your time slot. Pupils should be split into groups of 15 plus adults and each group taken into the exhibition in 45 minute intervals. 
  • The exhibition has background music, sound, and moving images throughout. 

During you visit

Explore our galleries before or after your visit to the exhibition for a range of relevant objects:

  • Discover more of our science collections throughout the building. 
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