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2023 08 09 AC 072

Climate Change for Kids

Climate Change for Kids: Rising Heat, Raising Hope is a project run in partnership with the University of Edinburgh. Working with artist Laura Johnson, become part of this nationwide project from The Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF to give young people a creative outlet in response to the climate emergency. They will help create a quilt, which will later be displayed at the National Museum of Scotland.

Our Digital Schools Sessions bring the museum to your classroom. Our free sessions are led by our team of Enablers and are broadcast using Microsoft Teams. Read our FAQs for further information about our sessions.

About the session


Climate Change for Kids

Suitable for

Second level and above.


Mon 1 Apr - Tue 30 Apr

Available from

The pre-recorded session will be available to watch from Monday 1 April 2024 at 11.30 am until Tuesday 30 April 2024 at 5.00 pm.


20 mins


Sessions are free of charge and are available to UK-based schools only.

By the end of the session, we will

Understand more about climate change and how it affects children across the worldThe focus will also be on how to participate in the Rising Heat, Raising Hope art project, allowing young people to take action in a creative and collaborative way in a positive response to the climate emergency. 


Join Dr Sian Henley from the University of Edinburgh as she shares the impacts of climate change on children across the world alongside Dr Ali Clark, Senior Curator, Oceania sharing how artists respond to climate change. Learn how kids feel about climate change today then, find out about how to get involved in the national art project, Climate Change for Kids: Rising Heat, Raising Hope.  A full toolkit will be available to download to support the art project work back in the classroom. 

Curriculum links

TCH 1-06a ,TCH 2-06a, TCH 3-07a  

HWB 1-16a, HWB 2-16a, HWB 3-16a   

SCN 1-20a, SCN 2-20b  

RME 1-08a, RME 2-08a, RME 3-08a  

EXA 1-03a, EXA 2-03a, EXA 3–03a, EXA 2–02a, EXA 3 –02a, EXA 1 05a, EXA 2-05a

Sustainable Development Goals:

4, 10, 12, 13, 17 

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