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A young child holds the handle of a metal sword as it lies across the table

Viking Explorer

New for 2023/24

In our Early People gallery pupils will become archaeologists and investigate evidence from a real Viking burial. Will they work out who the grave belonged to?
Fact file

Suitable for:

First and Second level. P3-P5

Maximum 33 pupils per workshop.

What will my pupils do in the workshop?

Pupils will explore a selection of Viking objects in our galleries and investigate evidence from a Viking burial to discover more about the daily lives of these ancient people in Scotland. 

Please be aware that pupils will look at real skeletons and Viking graves as part of this workshop. If you would like to find out more about this beforehand, please get in touch

Length of session:

75 mins




10:15/11:45 (75mins). Check your booking for timings and arrive at the museum at least 15 minutes before the start of your workshop.

Dates available:


  • Tuesday 30  FULLY BOOKED


  • Wednesday 1  FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 2   FULLY BOOKED
  • Tuesday 21  FULLY BOOKED
  • Wednesday 22  FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 23  FULLY BOOKED


  • Tuesday 18
  • Wednesday 19  10.15 AM ONLY
  • Thursday 20  FULLY BOOKED

Curriculum links:

LIT 1-02a LIT 2-02a 

LIT 1-10a  LIT 2-10a    

SOC 1-01a  SOC 1-02a SOC 2-02a  

SOC 1-03a  SOC 2-03a  

SOC 1-04a SOC 2-04a 

Sustainable Development Goals:

4, 5

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