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Scot-Kites Cirrus III hang glider.

Scot-Kites Cirrus III

The Cirrus III hang glider was originally developed by the Electra Flyer Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the USA in 1975.

The Cirrus III was designed to be a stable hang glider that was agile and easy to fly, but not complicated to assemble.

This example was built in 1977 by Scot-Kites, a Glasgow business which initially built hang-gliders designed by other companies. Scot-Kites was created by Brian Harrison in 1975 and eventually moved on to the manufacture of microlight aircraft.

This Cirrus III was flown by the Lothian Hang Glider Club until 1987.

The Scot-Kites Cirrus III hang-glider suspended from the ceiling of a hangar at the National Museum of Flight.

The Cirrus III hang glider at the National Museum of Flight. 

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