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A black Montgomerie-Parsons autogyro.


The Montgomerie-Parsons is an autogyro.

An autogyro is similar to a helicopter, but the rotor on top is not powered by the engine. Instead it rotates as a result of the forward motion from the autogyro’s propeller.

In 1981, Montgomerie Engineering built their first autogyro in their workshops in Ayrshire. This aircraft was built by them in 1996 as a research aircraft for the University of Glasgow. The space normally occupied by a second seat was used to accommodate equipment to record flight data. The autogyro was flown from Bournemouth, Carlisle and Perth airports for student research projects.

Date:  1996
Crew: 1 (pilot)
Passengers: 0
Top speed: 70 mph (113 km/h)

The sideview of a black Montgomerie-Parsons gyrocopter on a runway.

The Montgomerie-Parsons autogyro on the runway at the National Museum of Flight. 

Cockpit view

Inside the cockpit of a Montgomerie-Parsons autogyro. There are several dials and buttons on the dashboard.

The cockpit of the Montgomerie-Parsons autogyro.

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