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de Havilland Dove aircraft with white, black, and red stripes.

de Havilland Dove | National Museum of Flight

The Dove was a short-haul airliner which entered airline service in 1946.

The Dove was one of Britain’s most successful airliners with more than 500 built between 1946 and 1967. It was exported all over the world.

The Dove was one of several aircraft proposed by the Brabazon Committee formed in 1942. This Committee considered British civil aircraft needs after the Second World War.

This Dove was based at Stansted Airport in London. It was used for aircrew licence testing and also on calibration flights for airport radio aid systems.

Date:  1954
Mark: Series 6
Crew: 2 (pilots)
Passengers: 8
Top speed: 210 mph (338 km/h)
Range: 1,070 miles (1,722 km)

A red, white, and black de Havilland Dove aircraft on a runway.

The de Havilland Dove at the National Musuem of Flight. 

Inside view of the de Havilland Dove cockpit

The cockpit of the de Havilland Dove. 

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