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A multicoloured Firebird Sierra 2 hang glider.

Firebird Sierra 2

The Sierra hang glider, developed in 1983, has an innovative wing design.

The main structure of the Sierra is quite typical and made from aluminium tubes covered in fabric. The wingtips, however, use curved, flexible pieces of fibreglass tube. This makes it easier to roll into a turn as well as reducing the size of the hang glider when packed in its bag.

The Sierra is a copy of the Seedwings Sensor hang glider, designed by American Bob Trampenau in 1975. His designs featured lots of new ideas.

This Sierra first flew around 1983 and was used by a hang glider pilot based in Aberdeenshire.

A multi-coloured Firebird Sierra 2 hang-glider suspended fromt he ceiling of a hangar.

The Sierra hang glider hanging in the Civil Aviation hangar at the National Museum of Flight. 

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