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A white Spartan Cruiser aircraft with a thin blue stripe.

Spartan Cruiser forward fuselage

The Spartan Cruiser I was developed in 1932 from the Saro-Percival Mailplane, which carried airmail.

The Cruiser II was a modified design and further improvement led to the Cruiser III in 1935. This featured a metal forward fuselage, with a rear fuselage of fabric-covered metal tubing, and wooden wings.

This fuselage comes from a Spartan Cruiser III which was operated by Northern and Scottish Airways Ltd from Renfrew Airport, Glasgow. It flew the Glasgow-Campbeltown-Islay route. In January 1938 it crashed whilst on a flight to Campbeltown to deliver film reels to a local cinema. 

Date:  1935
Mark: III
Crew: 2 (pilot, wireless operator)
Passengers: 8
Top speed: 135 mph (217 km/h)
Range: 550 miles (885 km)

The sideview of the forward fuselage of a Spartan Cruiser aircraft parked on a runway.

Part of the Spartan Cruiser III aircraft on the runway at the National Museum of Flight.

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