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Gayle Matthias challenges our perceptions of glass and embraces industrial processes.

I was drawn to the enigmatic quality of the material. It represents both fragility and danger and I enjoy exploring both these qualities in my work. I like to create a tension, combining glass with other materials of varying value, as this helps to exaggerate glass's vulnerable yet threatening nature.
- Gayle Matthias

Above: Gayle Matthias © Sarah Packer

Matthias mixes various kiln forming techniques that she has developed over the last 30 years, with discarded materials and found objects.  Her compositions reference the deterioration of the human body via inherited conditions, and exposure to industrial environments.  

Land Mark II is created through various model and mould making techniques to reflect the rawness of discarded pieces of industrial manufacture and anatomical structures.

Above: Land Marks II, 2016 by Gayle Matthias © Sarah Packer

Land Marks II, 2016 by Gayle Matthias

Cast glass, found object, tape, sheet glass, wax, graphite

© Simon Cook

Find out more here about the work of Gayle Matthias.

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