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Maths at National Museums Scotland

Explore our year-round online learning resources for primary and secondary pupils.

Castle Quest

Discover Edinburgh Castle through maths with our online trail. How was maths used to build the castle? How did the radius of a circle help people survive a siege? A paper copy of the trail is also available at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle or in the National War Museum.

Download the trail

Maths Trail at National Museums Scotland

Explore the National Museum of Scotland through maths themed activities and challenges. Download and print the trail to do on the day, whilst our teachers notes have some helpful hints and classroom activities to complement.

Download the trail


Maths in the Second World War

Find out about the importance of maths during the Second World War with our Enigma machine and try cracking some codes.



Discover why maths is so important at National Museums Scotland in our #ShowYourWorking series. Did any of the jobs surprise you? What other careers can you think of that involve using maths? Try our activities or creating your own video by interviewing someone you know.


Romans Resources

Find out how Dr Fraser Hunter (Principal Curator of Prehistoric and Roman Archaeology) used maths to solve a Roman silver mystery in this film and classroom resource.

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