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Erin Dickson’s practice combines architecture and digital technology to consider the emotional qualities of urban and domestic spaces. Her works range from time-based performances and photographic glass reliefs, to monumental sculpture and installations.

My fascination with glass is ongoing and evolving. I believe that glass as a medium and a subject has endless possibilities for exploration and expression, of which I have only begun to scratch the surface.
- Erin Dickson

Above: Erin Dickson, National Glass Centre, Sunderland ©  Colin Davidson

Her most recent work is inspired by the histories and traditions of glass making and the worldwide migration of people and skills. 

Chinese Whispers is a collaborative project between Dickson and several international glass artists in the reinterpretation of a historic glass vessel. Each artist is sent a set of instructions from the previous artist on how to create the vessel. Due to changes in language translation and glass making terminology, each vessel is different.

Dickson collaborated with the maestros Silvano Signoretto, Italy, James Devereux , England, Hyunsung Cho, South Korea, Sibusiso Mhlanga, Swaziland and Einar and Jamex De La Torre, Mexico

Chinese Whispers, 2018 by Erin Dickson

Hot sculpted and blown glass

Find out more here about the work of Erin Dickson.

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