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Rhian Hâf’s work captures fleeting moments of light and shadow; light is integral to the concept, development and outcome of her work.

I was drawn to work with glass as an artistic medium because of the properties of the material. It’s ability to capture, transmit and reflect light. The diverse range of techniques that glass has to offer allows for experimentation and widens the creative possibilities and application.
- Rhian Hâf

Above: Rhian Hâf © Gwenda Jones 

Her installations and sculptural works combine technical methods and techniques that alter the surface qualities of glass to reveal and create different visual effects. This allows her to capture fleeting moments and translate them into visible static states and projections.

Reflected Spaces is part of a larger series which controls a directed flow of light enabling the artist to reveal these specific qualities of glass. 

Above: Reflected Spaces, 2016, © Matthew Otten

Reflected Spaces, 2016 by Rhian Hâf

Optical glass, LED, wood

Find out more here about the work of Rhian Hâf.

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