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Harry Morgan is an emerging artist and designer, whose work is known for its unusual use of materials and experimental approach to traditional processes.

Glass is an alien material. It has unusual behaviours and paradoxical properties. I was quite young when I was introduced to glass processes in high school. My teachers had little experience with the material, so I enjoyed their playful investigations and the anticipation of opening the kiln.
- Harry Morgan

Above: Harry Morgan with his work Dichotomy I, 2017 & Dichotomy II, 2018 in his studio.

Referencing histories from ancient Venetian glassblowing to Brutalist architecture, his work challenges the physical and cultural meaning of his chosen medium.

Above: Harry Morgan working in the glass studio at Edinburgh College of Art.

His monumental sculptures are the result of painstaking experimentation. He uses traditional studio and industrial processes in order to position materials such as concrete and glass in such a way as to question the fragility of glass.

Find out more here about the work of Harry Morgan.

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